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Almeda Wrist Watches

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Advanced Almeda Wrist Watches with Reminder Alarms

Each individually programmable for sound or vibration.

Almeda analog multi alarm reminder watches are beautifully crafted to give you style and unique functionality. These watches are essential for people who try to maintain order in their life. These watches act as your guide for taking medications, attending important meetings, adhering to a schedule and to charting your priorities.

This watch is individually programmable for sound and/or vibration. From reminding medications’ time to stay on top of schedules, your Almeda multi alarm wrist watch features an unheard of six-vibration/sound alarms that you can select according to your individual needs. Throughout the day, you can rest assured that you will be alerted by your beautiful and useful timepiece to complete daily tasks with complete peace of mind. All the settings are auto-repeatable daily as long as you do not change them.

Designed and developed by a former Swiss watch executive and designer, each of Almeda’s multiple reminder alarm watches, combine the styling and execution of today’s finest timepieces combined with the functionality of a tiny minicomputer. Plus reliability is a must. Our elegant and fairly large, easy-to-use timepieces are available in a variety of styles, anatomically designed to accommodate most men’s and women’s wrists.

Your vibrating alarm wrist watch is a very useful tool you can rely on throughout the day. Whether you take many pills daily or lead a very busy life, Almeda Time’s alert reminder watch will help you keep your day, life and health easily under control.

Expect more: Expect the reliability, style, quality and special functions that are only available in unique Almeda timepieces. To learn more, please read our blogs, testimonials or browse our product pages.