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The story about the Almeda six-alarm timepiece

Almeda Six Alarm Timepiece

Hans Scholl and his watches appearing in a Swiss newspaper.

The concept for the Almeda six-alarm timepiece evolved from conversations with aging but still active friends and relatives. Their health problems often necessitate taking regimens of medications at different times of the day and/or night. They articulated a wish for a way to be clearly reminded of a way to be alerted of these scheduled times. Some others said they would like a multi alarm watch to keep track of a busy day with appointments and deadlines. But nobody wanted something that looked “medical” or too “mechanical” and everybody wanted primarily privacy – hence the vibration alarm concept. This feature addresses the needs of hard of hearing people as well.

And nobody wanted to spend more than they would for a good, reliable, branded consumer timepiece As a retired Swiss watch executive and designer, I am proud to offer the Almeda Time personal and portable reminder system. A lifetime of dedication and know-how went into this product. I sincerely hope that it will make a positive difference in your life. We are located in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA, the former home of the historical and famous Hamilton Watch Company. Please tell us what you think of our company Almeda Time Products LLC at any time, by letter or e-mail. Good Customer Service is very high on our agenda and we are ready to earn your confidence.

Hans R. Scholl
Almeda Time Products

Most of my professional life I was fascinated by the tremendous innovative and expressive possibilities in the industrial design field of miniature engineering marvels, where function (engineering) and form (design) form a very symbiotic relationship.

I have been designing timepieces for more than 30 years for leading watch companies in Switzerland and the USA, Omega Watch Company, Hamilton Watch Company and others.

This extensive experience benefits this new, exclusive and unique product. The ALMEDA -- for ALarm, MEDical Alerts -- is the result.

It is my hope that this watch makes life easier for a lot of active people.

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