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Anatomy Of The Watch

Anatomy of the Multi Alarm Almeda Watch

Anatomy Of The Watch

Almeda : Features & Benefits

  Features:     Benefits:
- Classic-timeless look. Water-resistant, Stainless Steel case, scratch-resistant mineral crystal and quality leather strap or metal bracelet. - Perfect for any occasion; formal, dress, sport and casual.
- Analog and digital readout for separate functions. - Easy time setting & reading with traditional hands and dial.
      - Numerical reading for alarm settings and perpetual calendar (year, month and date). Adjusts automatically for leap years up to 100 years.
- Easy Multiple Alarm Settings (up to 6 per day) with visible confirmation. - Perfect for important reminders: MEDICATION, appointments, dates, TV shows etc.
   Each alarm can be set to either sound or vibration   - Vibrating Alarm is silent and does not disturb nor alert anybody around wearer.


In order to appreciate better the inner workings , features and benefits of Almeda Multi Alarm Reminder Watches, the presentation aims to show graphically and in chart form the unique concept and execution of these watches.