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e-pill POCKET Pill Box with 4 Vibrating Daily Alarms


A compact reminder pillbox that fits in your pocket. The “e-pill POCKET Pill Box” features a pretty strong vibration alarm that can alert you without disturbing others, perfect for the work place. If needed the pillbox can also produce a loud beeping alarm. It’s designed to be set up for 4 daily auto-repeating alarms for either vibration, beep or both!

The box features four compartments on the back to store the pills and a large LCD display on the front for time and alarm settings. Never forget to take your medications again! Feel better. All batteries included.

  • Almeda e-pill POCKET Pill Box with 4 Vibrating Daily Alarms
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- Fits easily in Purse or Pocket
- Loud ALARM / Strong Vibrating ALARM
- EASY to set Clock & Alarms
- No reset required (auto-repeating alarms)
- MULTI-ALARM, up to 4 daily alarms
- Medical SNOOZE, Alarms repeat after 4 and 8 minutes
- Backlight dis

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