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I've been using my Almeda watch for a little over a week now,
and I must tell you I am very impressed.
Mr. M.S.
Huntertown, IN

Highlights for the Almedatime Most Efficient Multiple Alarm Watch

  • A medical alarm watch with simplicity and style!
  • Sound or vibrating alarm reminds you to take medications on time as discreetly as you choose.
  • Freedom from excessive “bells and whistles” enables easy settings.
  • Swiss-designed styles suitable for both men and women.
  • Easy-to-read dials combined with reliable digital alarm functions.

If you must take regular medications, but lead an active life style, this medical alarm watch is for you. On the golf course, in church or synagogue, or at meetings, the Almeda Multi-Alarm Watch lets you know clearly and reliably that it is time to take your pills. Whether you prefer a clear beep or an unmistakable vibration on to your skin that only you can detect, you can select the setting.

Ease of use is key to you, we know. So we’ve color-coded buttons that make it easy to remember which button programs what. We've made it easy to read, with large numbers and six clearly legible alarm confirmation dots. At a glance, you can tell whether you have properly set the alarms. For added convenience, we have also included a calendar that adjusts itself automatically through every change of days in months and leap years through 2099.

In short, the Almeda Multi-Alarm Watch is set to become a routine part of your everyday life.

And finally there’s the question of style. The Almeda Multi Alarm Watch is both elegant and unobtrusive. We offer two very different collections:

  • A classic and timeless approach with a highly polished case and 18K gold plated accents, combined with a traditional and cleanly designed silver plated dial, called THE CLASSIC COLLECTION.
  • A contemporary approach with a smooth and matte stainless steel case and a highly readable dial and hands. Black numerals and hands on a sophisticated white dial, called THE EASY READER COLLECTION.

These collections are unique and as far as we know are the only Analog/Digital combination watches in the world with six Vibration/Sound alarms and visible confirmation dots.