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Selection Process

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How To Select An Almeda Medical Alarm Watch

Each of the six styles of multi-alarm, vibrating wrist watches we offer comes with identical movements and with identical quality and functions. One collection comes with a highly polished stainless steel case and the other one with a fine matte stainless steel case and both with handsome, cleanly designed, but very different, dials and hands.

Therefore the final selection becomes a question of personal preferences for a specific strap or bracelet vibrating wrist watch alarm.,

Strap models

The City Edition and the Manager Edition wrist watch with vibrating alarm with a rich looking black and more formal strap and the Leisure Edition and the Weekend Edition with a warm dark tan and more sporty strap, are the most comfortable versions to wear. The straps are supple and adjust very easily to any type and shape of wrist. They also accentuate the wearer’s preference for color and make a statement.

To replace straps that eventually wear out, we carry inventory of original straps you can order on our website under Accessories/Almeda Straps. Or you can easily find replacement straps at any watch store

In case that the original strap should be too long or too short, we carry also extra long and short straps for some vibrating alarm wrist watches.

Metal bracelet models

The Sport Edition wrist watch vibrating alarm features a high quality and matte mesh bracelet. It is amongst the most durable products in our offering, and in our opinion very rich looking. Easy to adjust for correct length, but might not fit all wrists as easily as a strap version.

The Heritage Edition wrist watch with alarm features a very high quality and satin finished/polished three link bracelet. It is the most durable product in our offering with a very classy, timeless look. Very easy to adjust for correct length, but again might not fit all wrists as easily as a strap alarm wrist watch. This version is definitely better suited for men than women. It is also the heaviest model of all, as the bracelet is forged from solid stainless steel for durability and beauty.