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Almeda Time Products Customer Testimonials

I recieved delivery of my City Edition of the Almeda Watch with a short black strap. BRAVO! I loved your accomodation to return and replacement and directness and transparency. BRAVO! I love the fit on my small wrist, a thing that seriously worried me but is not a problem. BRAVO! I love the surprising comfort and very pleasing look of this large watch on my small wrist BRAVO! I figured out the programming for my needs, a simple task due to absence of distracting extras. BRAVO! I've been living with it now for about a two weeks and using it for my prescriptions timing. BRAVO! The audible sound is nice and pleasingly noticeable. At first I thought I'll never use that vibration feature and just yesterday we were at a Chicago Symphony Orchestra concert and I was proved wrong. BRAVO! My needs for prescription medication at this time require four of the timers. I use the fifth as a wake-up timer, and the sixth is a reminder to me to quit screwing around and get on with my tasks. The bottom line is this: when someone asks me, "what the kind of watch is that you're wearing" I'll first tell them that I spent 50 years designing digital user interfaces for all kinds of devices, and then I'll explain and describe to them the genius design and functionality of my wristwatch! I love the aesthetics, your beautiful design, and the main dual functions of time & utility. BRAVO! I have the satisfaction of having an advanced and beautiful intrument on my wirst. BRAVO! ThankYou, Hans Scholl

Western Springs, IL

I have one of your watches and last week while in Orlando my watch dropped off without me realizing it. One I had realized that it had dropped off I started re-tracking my steps. I had all of the staff at the hotel looking. In the endm one of the staff found it. It had been driven over my a vehicle. THe under plate is all bent and dented. To my surprise it still works and is still waterproof.
Campbellville, Ontario

This is my second Heritage watch. It is my constant companion and has literally saved my life by keeping me on a very complex Rx dosage schedule. You have a great product and your after sales service is first rate. Keep up the excellent work. I recommend your products daily and cannot live without them.

Chatsworth, CAL

I lost a screw in my watch and inquired about getting a replacement screw. You requested my address and sent me a replacement screw for free in less than a week! OMG! Best service ever. I will continue to recommend your watches to everyone because I love the watch and it's features, but I really love the service I get.

Grain Vallery, MO

This is my favorite watch in years. It’s incredibly precise; I love the classic, no-gimmicks design; and it’s proven durable through more than 4 years of drops, bumps, scrapes and weather. I use the alarms for meetings and events for a busy family, and for travel the digital/analog combo can track two time zones. My batteries have lasted longer than the web site said they would, too -- and I use the vibration function daily.

Houston, TX

I've been using my Almeda watch for a little over a week now, and I must tell you I am very impressed. Setting up the watch took very little time and trouble, unlike my previous WatchMinder. The vibrating alarms are discrete and work well as medication reminders. And the watch is handsome to boot. I know that I will be able to enjoy my new Almeda for many years to come.

Thank you.
Mr. M.S.
Huntertown, IN

Thank you very much for your startingly prompt response and credit for my returned watch. I greatly appreciate such excellent customer service, and will definitely keep monitoring your site for products and recommend your company to others. I'm sorry the watch didn't work out, but I hope for a modified version and will consider other solutions from your company.

Mr. D.K.
Middletown, NY

Thank you so so much! It's a wonderful watch and I will be buying another one soon.

Ms. J.B.
Fairview, OR

I did end up getting the watch from one of your distributors. My dad was moved by it and absolutely loves it.
Thanks for making such a fabulous product.

Take care,
Ms. C.M. 
Los Angeles, CA

The watch arrived today in fine shape and looks great. Thank you for such prompt delivery.

Mr. S.B.
Bethesda, MD

Dear Mr. Scholl,
The watch did arrive yesterday, thank you. Very impressive. This is for my father who has had a pancreatic cancer operation that removed much of his stomach. He needs to eat many times a day with enzyme tablets so he can stop losing weight, but it's simply hard to remember. I wish you were able to market your watch more broadly, perhaps in conjunction with pharma firms. As you're clearly aware, 'compliance' (a term that almost makes the patient sound criminal) is one of the biggest issues they face with drug effectiveness.

Best of luck!
Mr. W.F.
San Diego, CA

Dear Mr. Scholl,
Thank you for your timely response to my concerns. (I checked my e-mail first thing this morning.) With your assurances I have ordered the watch from your site. I am very excited and can hardly wait to receive it. Currently I am taking meds at 5 times during the day with very unpleasant results if I miss one dose. I have been using the 2 alarms on my clock radio and the single alarms on my cell phone and Palm Pilot (both of which I have to carry with me wherever I go inside and outside of my house) and trying to associate the last dose with bedtime tooth brushing. It will be so wonderful to be able to wear all my alarms on my wrist in an attractive watch that as an adult I won't be embarrassed to wear. 

Thank you so much for your efforts to help those of us in similar situations. 
Ms. D.B.
Vancouver, WA

Dear Hans Scholl,
Congratulations on conceiving of and designing such a wonderful and handsome watch. It is a great idea come to fruition.

Ms. L.M.
Sedona, AZ

I'm really grateful for your help. Our daughter won't wear anything else. She hates look of sports watches so I am very grateful for this watch. Thank you again.

Mrs. I.S.
Omaha, NE

I just purchased one of your wonderful watches. I have been wearing it for a week. I bought it to help me keep track of my husband's medicines. He is fighting cancer.

Mrs. L.C.
Wilmington, DE