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Weekly e-pill Pillbox, Sound only


A pillbox with a reminder/alarm system, a must-have for every home and every traveler. Our “Weekly e-pill Pillbox” lets you organize your daily pills, as well as to set alerts to remind you when to take your medications. The box enables you to set up-to 37 strong beeping sound alarms each day. With the size of a small TV remote, it can be easily be carried in your purse, briefcase or backpack.

The slide out pill tray comes with 7 compartments, where, each can hold up to 15 smaller pills. It features a battery life of at least one year and the two AAA batteries are included. The box also features a unique 'missed pill' indicator.

  • Weekly e-pill Pillbox, Sound only
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- Helps you Remember, Organize and Identify pills.
- EzSet Timer with Slide Switches (Hour/top row or Half-Hour/bottom row switches)
- Multiple Daily Alarms (up to 37 Alarms)
- from 6 AM to Midnight.
- Missed Pill Indicator.
- Holds all your pills

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